"Our whole family was rearended a year before coming here in 1996. I also had much wear and tear on my spine from working on a farm wih my parents and other physically demanding jobs. My spine had lost the natural curve, arthritis had settled in, along with pain in my neck, back and legs. I received a flyer in the mail and decided to try chiropractic again. My spine has gotten back much of the natural curve. Less to no pain in my legs."
- Candace

"I came here over 11 years ago. I came to the first health walk and found out my headaches wern"t normal and neither was my low back pain. My results have been - Fanatastic. I really believe I would be in really bad shape if I didn't come in that day. My headaches are very few compared to what I had, and my low back is GREAT. I am a patient for life!
- Mary Kay

"I have been coming to this office since 2005. Many changes have taken place in my life since I started coming. I no longer take any kind of medication, and have very few sinus problems. I was on medication almost every day but now- none. I feel so much better. I want to thank ALL of the Doctors and the staff"
- Carrie

"I had been told that I either had Leukemia of Spinal Meningitis. Then I came here as a referral from another family for a "second opinion" My results have been a 1000% imporvement! Now I have been coming since 2003."

- Carole Lynn

"We would like to thank Dr. McLeod and all of his staff for the great service. They help my family and I get and keep on track with our health."

-The Harris Family

"I had fallen and had severe pain in 2003 for several months. After my first visit to this office, I bagan noticing other benefits such as improved sinus condition. I also had many gall bladder problems and those have improved. My back seems to be healed! I have had nothing but improvement. I recommend chiropractic care. I have been a patient since 2004."

- Carrie

"I came here in late 2009 or 2010 while pregnant. I have had years of being subluxated and had received some chiropractic during my childhood years. My results were good and it even corrected some scoliosis. My latest pregnancy and labor was my healthiest!"

- Amanda

"My condition when I first came here was just to maintain my health against the rigors of daily life. Sincde then I suffered a whiplash injury that was debilitating. After my accident doctors wanted to begin with shots and pain medications for this condition. These were mind and body altering and I chose chiropractic instead. I knew that the shots and meds would only mask the symptoms. Now I have pain relief without medication and I have Good Health!"

- Jennifer